Investment Philosophy

When building an investment portfolio I focus on three main targets: client goals, risk tolerance, and timeline. It has been my experience that many financial plans miss the mark on these items. Risk planning can impact goal achievement or avoid unnecessary volatility. 

Once I have a clear understanding of a client’s goals, risk tolerance and timeline, I tailor a portfolio to fit. The overall guiding philosophy I espouse includes the following:

  • Markets work and are efficient
  • Time in the market matters more than timing the market
  • Risk and return are related, but not all risk is worth taking
  • Broad diversification is key
  • Asset allocation is essential
  • Keep portfolio turnover to a minimum
  • Rebalancing is necessary
  • Tilt to small cap and value to seek added growth opportunity
  • Avoid products that are unduly complex
  • Keep fees as low as possible

Once the portfolio has been appropriately positioned, we will review to ensure a ‘goodness of fit’. All portfolios are built upon each client’s objectives, but always contain flexibility to evolve and adapt as time and needs change.